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Extreme Nose And Regular Persian - What Is The Difference

Persian cats are commonly found in North America. It was first noticed in the Victorian era but history reveals that it was in the world for several decades. There are generally two types of Persian cats; one is the extreme nose and other is regular Persian. Both of these cats have specific features that make them suitable for the different type of pet lovers.
The Regular Persian:
The Regular Persian cats use to have round head that is enhanced with eye-catching thick ruff. You will love the small ears and flat nose of this cat. This category of Persian cats is also named as Show Persian and it attracts people with its big round copper eyes. Regular Persian have a short yet broad body with short legs and flowing plume type tail.
Extreme Nose Persian
The Extreme Nose Persian is also named as Traditional Persian and due to its lovely doll-like face, people also call it Doll Persian. As the name indicates, these cats have extreme length nose as compared to the Regular Persian. This nose adds a sweet and eye-catching expression on their face.
Most breeders advise maintaining a traditional extreme nose Persian just because of its good health. The show Persian kittens need more efforts for their routine cleaning. You have to wash their face in routine to prevent facial staining and sores. It can help you to keep them safe from bacterial infections and moisture attacks. The short nose kittens can also experience few respiratory issues in the warm weather; so owners are advised to care or appropriate temperature settings. On the other side, the doll face kittens do not face such issues due to their extreme nose structure.
Irrespective of the major difference between their head structure and looks; both these cats look attractive with their luxurious furry coats. They have kind and nonaggressive nature; you will find them either calmly playing with the toys or sitting on the sofa. You will have to spare some time to groom their long coats and they will share a wonderful companionship with you.
Persian cats are sweet, gentle creatures and you can find them easily in a variety of colors. Most people prefer to own the lovely white kittens as they appear attractive with their shiny, fluffy hair. You will love to spend hours with these soft and sweet cats.  


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